Five For Change

Five For Change hit ‘The Runway’ in Woodstock on Saturday 21st January 2012 for an innovative concept in raising funds for charity. Under one umbrella in 35 degrees, Five For Change, hosted a black tie charity event for the chosen Big Five for 2012. They stepped up to the mark and followed in the footsteps of other major charities worldwide. Charities who host annually gala dinners and functions, receive the support privately and from big companies, because! It is an annual event and part of the social calendar.

The chosen Big Five for 2012 were MyLife, Green Pop, Write on Africa, African Brothers Football Academy and Let There Be Light, they all brought the awareness and attention to everyone during the evening. Prestige Communications did a sterling job with the right alchemy to make it happen. They had the support of the beautiful film star Kristanna Loken, who flew in from LA for the occasion.

Kate George, from The Food Room was a treat, but the bigger hit was Jeremy Loops, followed by ScreamStix and Wedding DJs, who all turned up the beat in the heat. The Buzz Team did not go on to The Reserve for the after party, which by the way is not a small animal reserve; it is a small reserve for the party animal.

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

Photos by Greyham Abbott




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