It was in 2002 that Swiss winemaker, Jean-Claude Martin and his wife Carolyn travelled the rustic Hemel-en-Aarde Road that winds its way along the slopes and valleys of the scenic Babylon Toren Mountains. What they discovered at their journey’s end surpassed their wildest dreams a small , undulated tract of virgin land, perfectly suited to winegrowing.

Having bought their ‘little piece of heaven’ in this highly acclaimed maritime wine region, Jean-Claude set out with Swiss precision to establish the first vineyards. Only 22 hectares of prime land, 350 meters above sea level, a mere 7 kilometres from the cold Atlantic Ocean, were selected and planted with virus-free strains of the finest varietal clones.

In 2005, Swiss winemaker Christoph Kaser and his wife Heidi Kellerhals Kaser, co-invested in the vast potential of the farm. The custom-designed, ultra-modern cellar was completed in time for the 2007 harvest and since then Creation has established itself as a trendsetting winery, currently offering a range of seven exceptional wines. These wines have become highly sought-after in both the local and international markets.

Christoph and Jean-Claude have a combined 35 years international experience in viticulture winemaking. Today their appreciation and growing understanding of Creation’s unique terroir result in a wine range reflecting the heart and soul of one of South Africa’s most prized winegrowing regions.

QueenB! & WorkerB! came to our wine tasting last week at the One & Only. This is how we paired our wines with a little taste of excellence from the chef.

2011 Creation Sauvignon Blanc accompanied by Tomato gazpacho shooters and basil

2011 Creation Chardonnay accompanied by Salmon parfait, pure avocado, French Beans and tomato petals

2011 Creation Pinot Noir accompanied by Truffled goat’s milk cheese parfait en croute with raspberry

2010 Creation Merlot accompanied by Confit of duck, caramelized cauliflower, thyme crêpe

2010 Creation Merlot, Cabernet  Sauvignon, Petit Verdot accompanied by Springbok schnitzel, thyme tempura, port raisins and braised cabbage

2010 Creation Syrah accompanied by Chalmar beef tartare, hen egg yolk jam, coriander, melba toast

2010 Creation Syrah, Grenach accompanied by Seared cumin lamb loin, garlic nugget, zucchini tempura, tomato flower.

HoneyB!……….Signing off

Hemel en Aarde Road,
PO Box 1772
Hermanus 7200
South Africa

Tel: +27 28 212 1107
Fax: +27 28 212 1127

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