Shimmy Beach Club

The buzz word around town last November was ‘Shimmy’, a Beach Club about to open. There was a lot of gossip and talk about the amount of moolah being sunk into this exclusive lifestyle club and the buzz word around town was that Cape Town would finally boast its own Nikki Beach. While the big fish behind the project sweated bricks and raced against time to finish it for the high season, when the high rollers and Eurotrash come to town, a lot of hype and anticipation continued to escalate around the opening date. Eventually this spectacular Beach Club was in business just in time for the end of 2012.

My first impression of Shimmy is the contrast of exclusive lifestyle, nightlife and day life, right in the hub and heart of a working harbour. This off the beaten track venue has followed in the style and footsteps of various clubs in New York and London, when the docks and fish markets are the obvious place for a club to be.

I love to lunch! The choice of the place, the view, the food and the mood all contribute to whether or not lunch will be good enough for me to become a returnee. So it was obvious to me on a spectacular day in February, with all these elements in place, that Shimmy was going to be my choice of the day, for a personal lunchtime experience.

We were greeted at the door by a crew of beautiful people, much like the crew of the first class flight attendants. As I could not establish who the Maitre d’ was, I asked to be shown to the pool area so we could whet our appetite with an aperitif and would decide on lunch thereafter. Shimmy now has two swimming areas, the glass pool taking centre beach the other one off beat.

We decide to have a glass of wine, some sushi and edamame while we decided if we were going to go the full hog!  We were lulled into relaxed mode, watching the various boats go by and the general conversation was how precious life is and that in a split second it can change.

We did in the end indulge in a full lunch. Dillon, our waiter, was very patient when my English friend a renowned copy writer from London, asked for a menu in English. I had to giggle. Had he never heard of the term 2 pax? I eventually decided on chicken breasts, spinach, and sweet potato chips while my friend decided on veal with Italian style potatoes, broccoli and peas. The meal was good!

So does Shimmy have what it takes to self-sustain and push that X-Factor further when Cape Town becomes a sleepy hollow? Out of season, Cape Town suffers under duress in our wet and windy weather as one of the furthermost points of the earth. Will this baby grow up after teething problems and take a big bite out of the social pie? Will it maintain the high standard of living for the locals when the jet setters have jetted out of the Mother City?

In the meantime Shimmy on down to the docks and dock in while the weather is hot! The new season has begun!

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

Shimmy Beach Club
Cape Town Docks
Closed on Mondays
Tel: +27( 0)21 200 7778

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