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Last week the Red Carpet Fashion Show 2013 took place at the Lookout Marquee, V&A Waterfront. Designers KLuK CGDT, Craig Port, Habits, Jagadi Couture, and MilQ& Honey showed off some of their pieces to raise funds in aid of the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). Red Carpet Concepts did a sterling job and I take my hat off to all the designers for giving their time and energy towards such a good cause.

Fashion – I have very high expectations when it comes to fashion. Designers need to woo me, show me something that will convince me that I have to have that little number in my wardrobe.

So let’s cut to the chase. Designers must be able to predict the up and coming fashion trends that will work but will not be over the top. Apart from Craig Port and some pieces from Habits that I did like, I was not wooed by what I saw. I was disappointed with some of the creative creations – such as a sequin body suit under one layer of full length tulle skirt. It certainly would not be the price a young working woman who has the body to wear something like that could afford. During a world recession fashion has suffered. So surely keeping it simple, with clean solid cuts with a slightly sexy edge, is what women are looking for? That little number we can accessorise. At the end of the day it’s what sells on the high street that will make or break a designer. So let’s put to rest the animal prints that have been done over and over again.

There is a fine line between Couture and ready to wear. A personal client who can afford couture prices wants to be sure she is paying for a unique piece. Couture is high maintenance not ready to wear.

So yes, call me a fusspot perfectionist! And perhaps you may say, I have hit below the fashion belt on this occasion. But, frankly, criticism improves quality and we should all strive to achieve this improvement. After all, competition is tough in the world of fashion.

Photos by Julia Janse van Vuuren

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