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Kevin Epstein – hair and makeup guru and a great friend of mine, recently sat me down and said “darling! Your hair is in need of some serious TLC”

When Kevin is not on a film set or in a studio, he works in unison with Tony at Yazo 4 Hair on Kloof Street. Kevin insisted I come into the salon and have a serious chat with Tony about hair care and colour. Fortunately for me, the day I could go into the salon, Kevin was able to allocate time from his busy schedule. I was elated!…and not only did Kevin cut my hair giving me a new look, Tony was ready to enlighten me on hair care and ready to take my colour to another level.

With years of experience this amazing duo has been turning heads, creating looks for models, celebrities and clients from all over the world. Kevin’s cutting edge techniques, talent and eccentric flair for hair, are well known in the film industry. Tony a perfectionist by nature, is passionate about getting the colour, style and care right.

Renee Short, the South African importer and main distributor for Naturalmente, (meaning naturally) introduced Tony to these incredible hair products and now eighteen months later, you could say they are naturally taking Cape Town by storm since Tony turned his salon around and went eco friendly green. Totally!

By choice – Naturalmente uses Mother Nature’s ingredients and fragrances from the plant kingdom: flowers, roots, seeds, oils, fruits, spices and resins that are sourced from their countries of origin and cultivated through organic, biodynamic and spontaneous cultivation.

A lot of brand names are still testing on animals and using harmful ingredients such as Propylene Glycol, Parabens, Petrolatum,Tetrasodium EDTA, these are  just a few of the scary, toxic and harmful substances found in shampoo, conditioner, soap, acne treatment, moisturizer, toothpaste, deodorant, nail polish and mascara. Basically anything you may be using on your body, could have these substances present and should be avoided.

I have been amazed by these hair raising facts and gone green with Naturalmente.  Get a head start and be kind to your hair and Mother earth. Look after both!

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Yazo 4 Hair
62 Kloof Street
Cape Town
Tel: + 27 021 4244880
For more info www.naturalmente.co.za

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