Banting Buzz!

So what’s the Buzz in Banting all about? If you are not aware of Banting, then you are none the wiser. If you are, then it will become a lifestyle. It’s not a diet; it’s a way of life.

Banting has taken Cape Town by storm and I don’t mean the stormy wind known as the Cape Doctor. No! This Banting storm is moving in and sweeping its way into the lives of many. Mother nature at it’s best – all natural!

Tim Noakes, Professor of Exercise and Sports Science, advocates the Banting approach because it is in accordance with some of the latest high-quality dietary research. These research topics include sugar and carbohydrates, saturated fat, cholesterol, Diabetes and metabolic syndrome. By cutting out the “food of cancer cells” – glucose and fructose, you cut off their life support and force them to die. The revival of the low-carbs, high fat, and NO sugar diet works, although some contest it. This philosophy is not new – eating pure, real and unprocessed food has become a natural revolution.

The real meal is the real deal – so I decided to Bant to have my own personal experience in Banting. My own philosophy is to practice what you preach. I am enjoying all the natural flavors and different ways of cooking. I am not going to beat or Bant around the bush. If you are overweight, it’s because you are eating everything that is not good for you, period!

If you decide to Bant you can expect to have more energy, fewer cravings, weight loss, better blood glucose and insulin readings, enhanced athletic performance, increased mental focus and better sleeping habits.

Many Capetonians are hooked on Banting. So much so that restaurants are adding this alternative approach to eating to their menus. The best news is that these delightful, yummy, all goodness, fabulous Banting options are here to stay. My favourite Banting eatery is the Banting Café in Green point. Delicious is not a word found only in the dictionary – 65 on Main is 100% Banting and oh! So delicious!

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off


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