Woodstock Exchange – WEX

The Woodstock Exchange – nicknamed the WEX – is a central hub where like-minded creative heads have taken up residency in Cape Town. The residents of the WEX are contributing to a new wave of businesses and creative ideas that boasts a diverse group of people.

Individual small businesses are integrating with the more experienced ones and becoming part of the changing face of Woodstock. Creative designers, artisans, jewellers, textile designers, art galleries, illustrators and eat houses. The buzzword in a nutshell is that you can find almost anything from the new wave of businesses that is flourishing.

What springs to my mind when I think of the WEX, is Andy Warhol’s legendary the ‘Factory’ that hit New York City during 1962 and remained an icon until 1984. It was the hippest hangout spot for artists, writers, musicians, illustrators and film directors – becoming one of the biggest creative hubs in NYC.

The WEX – on a smaller scale – has the right energy to do exactly that for first time creative businesses and international market boffs working in a hive of activity. The affordable workspace in a once derelict building is where you might want to B! Go, see, eat, work and shop. For the innovative directory at the WEX. This is my exchange and personal experience……

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

Woodstock Exchange
66 Albert Rd Woodstock
Cape Town

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