Switzerland – Lausanne Palace

The Lausanne Palace Hotel and Spa is an historic luxury hotel in Switzerland. Since opening its doors in 1915, the hotel has become one of the city’s social hubs known for its excellent dining and the Habana Bar. With unsurpassed views of Lake Geneva and the Alps, nature is at your fingertips while still just a short walk into the very heart of the city.

I was impressed with the low-key luxury of this classic hotel. At times, my vivid imagination ran away with me back to the roaring twenties, when high society walked these corridors and danced until dawn. I could feel the atmosphere of once upon a time. To this day, that atmosphere of splendour lies within the Palace.

Taking full advantage of the Spa, provided a marvelous escape from the dreary weather and dreaded rain. There was no pomp or ceremony – just a natural sense of well-being instilled with the help of the Ananda Essentials by Master Ananda Kambli. I was pampered, pummeled and felt the healing properties of the indoor pool, sauna and hammam rejuvenating my inner self.

Under the helm of one-star Michelin Chef Edgard Bovier, the Palace’s kitchen offers various cuisines ranging from Gourmet to Parisian or Mediterranean. The culinary experience was to the taste of any foodie’s delight.

My stay at the Palace was everything I had expected it to be – a touch of class in its very own class.

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