Restaurants with too much Buzz

The Mother City is home to a wide and wonderful range of top chefs and sous-chefs de cuisine. Cape Town is abuzz with new and old established eat houses that are innovative and stylish. In an industry that is hugely competitive, aesthetics play a large part in the overall look and feel of the restaurant. The atmosphere, setting and ambiance can all enhance the experience of a meal at a restaurant, giving you the feeling that you could be anywhere in the world.

For years Cape Town has been receiving recognition for some of the top restaurants worldwide. Our best chefs are producing culinary delights that will send your taste buds into frenzy; they are cooking up a storm with their knowledge and imagination and, ultimately, the proof is in the pudding. This has more than likely contributed to our reputation, South of the border.

So why do the professional food critics and connoisseurs who are competent enough to pass their own critical judgment seldom mention one of the most important ingredients – the acoustics!!!

At least half a dozen restaurants that have the worst acoustics for dining indoors jump to my mind. Open Door, Bistro-1682, Tasha Constantia Village, Harbour House Constantia Nek, Villa 47 on Bree Street and Foxcroft newly opened.  Why aren’t these restaurateurs taking into consideration this fact? With such bad acoustics do they really think that their concept or model is enough to carry their success in the long run?

My concerns are the opportunistic entrepreneurs that all want a slice of the pie and don’t care much, as long as the restaurant is a gold mine. How dare they think that patrons dining inside a beautifully furnished, modern, hi-tech, industrial looking, minimalistic space with high ceilings and cement floors is okay! Even if the food is good, such a setting is not!

I am fed up with having to shout across the table to my fellow diners because the acoustics are bad. It ruins the whole evening and it’s all because they, the creative ones, who have not taken care of the basics.

At the end of the day, it’s the whole experience – food, wine, conversation, service and quality that makes or breaks an abode.

Food for thought…

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

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