The all-out spirit was world class, our police and security forces all-out! Keeping our country safe was mission impossible but they did it when we hosted the 2010 world cup.

The Fan Walk was fantastic! The surge of the fans when they moved towards Green Point Stadium for kick off time was an experience to remember.  As the teams went head to head under tough pressure,the crowds came and went. Sometimes under the pouring rain as spirits remained high.

Mother’s Nature left a huge impression on many who came to Cape Town even in mid winter which never dampened the mood of the crowd only the hoodies got wet. The buzzing Vuvuzella’s and Mexican-Wave, carried the crowd forward into a state of frenzy, until victory was claimed by the winning team and everyone went wild.

QueenB! would like to say thank you to the Mother city and all her helpers,


QueenB!……Abuzzing off

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