Dock House

Dock House is a sweet little hotel at the V&A Waterfront with a secret garden, bar and swimming pool. It is situated alongside Timeball Tower that dates back to the mid 1800’s

At around 5.30 we docked in at Dock House for a cocktail party and pre-launch of the Queen Victoria hotel still been built.

The buffet table was set and sensational! Beautiful flowers graced the tables, a wide range of tantalizing dishes from various culinary parts of the world, colorful cocktail drinks, champagne, wine and fresh oysters were cracked open in front of me by an oyster guru.

Neil Markovitz of Newmark Hotels found his mark when he teased his guests with a sneak preview behind the developing scenes of the Queen Victoria Hotel. We were invited on a guided tour wearing hard hats and slippers to protect our shoes; especially those Jimmy Choo’s, as we trudged under scaffolding and on unfinished concrete floors, through doors to the top of the building, we were welcomed by a young violinist playing sweet, soft classical music that complimented the sweet array of delicate petit fours, this was the cherry on the top and such a delight from a dizzy height!

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

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