Tying the Knot

As the sun was setting over Camps Bay, the scene was set at the Round House. The most stylish wedding reception of the year was about to take place.

Award winning iconic film director Keith Rose of Velocity films, gave his daughter Kerry Rose away at the altar to Richard Lamb-Hughes. This time it was not a film set, it was a life set.

Family and close friends gathered from all over the world at this small intimate, beautifully styled vintage inspired theme wedding, to witness the bride and groom taking their vowels in Brook Chapel, Bishops Diocesan College.

The glamour and the charm of the 50’s gave the wedding a movie style romance. As we stepped back in time and lived the part. In the 50’s women were well groomed.  Hair, nails, matching shoes and bags, so chic!

QueenB! and BumbleB! bumbled and fumbled in their bags for a Kleenex the moment the knot was tied and the Beatles belted out, All You Need Is Love – such softies!

In the early hours of the morning when my feet ached in my Jimmy Choo’s and my body needed sleep.  I crept into bed and slept soundly in my B-hive. I was not about to put a comb through it, it could wait tilll morning.

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

Photos by Greyham Abbott

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