The Biscuit Mill

The hub in Woodstock is the Biscuit Mill. For some time it has been running on full throttle achieving a constant flow of visitors and traders. This is not just any run of the mill, it attracts a vast diverse mix of people week iun and week out, it is especially popular with foreigners.

The meaning of market in this day and age is totally different to once upon a time when it was; to market to market to buy a fat pig…..whereas in Europe the traditional market is still for selling the best cheese, the best bread, the best veggies, so that they can stay on top and beat the ‘Super Market’ which is not that super….

So, I am not surprised it is doing well under the brand name ‘Market’ here too on a Saturday morning stalls are set up and like B!’s to honey the Mill becomes the relaxed stomping ground for milling around.

I do find certain things slightly expensive, but then again paying a bit extra to the artisan is sponsoring their creative talent which constantly evolves. The Biscuit Mill is a factory today with a difference, allowing creative small business to explore and establish new wave trends such as Art Lab digital printing, designers, artists, connoisseurs of tastes such as Cocoa Fair the new chocolate factory and of course décor. The Biscuit Mill on a whole is buzzing. The Saucisse Deli is a lunchtime must, where as The Test Kitchen passes the test with an A+.

QueenB!……….Abuzzing off

373-375 Albert Road,
Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock


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