Kyoto Garden

Japan is an amazing country; the people are polite, humble, and virtuous.

On numerous occasions during my modelling career I had the privilege and pleasure of working a lot with the Japanese. I fell in love with Japan and remain enthusiastic about their food and culture. I respect and love the pride they take in everything they do, food presentation is one they pride themselves for  and very important.

So when I stumbled on the Kyoto Garden, the best kept secret in Cape Town, BuzzyB! and myself went along to the little secret garden to experience the real deal in Japanese cooking. The minimalistic interior is typical of Japan, calm atmosphere, soft lighting and a Japanese flavour throughout. I felt as if we were in Ginza/Tokyo not Cape Town/South Africa.

Scott the owner has a Japanese chef who has created delicate dishes that simple wowed us. We had for starters fresh oysters with a drop of a different sauce on each oyster, crab claws, baby clams, sashimi, and complementary edamame, followed by prawns with noodles, seaweed with shitaki mushrooms and seared salmon, tempura light vegetables, prawn, and scallops and finally for desert, green tea ice-cream with green tea crêpes, so good!

The wine list is very appropriate, top Japanese whiskies and of course sake.

Although there is a sushi bar the beauty of the Kyoto Garden is that it is a Japanese restaurant with amazing seafood, definitely the closest I have come to being back in Japan. Price wise as well, not cheap but so worth it! Thank you Kyoto Garden simple delicious. Oishi! Domo arigato.

Only opened in the evenings so to reserve a table call: (021) 422-2001

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