Madame Zingara

Step back in time with the Grand Dame of burlesque, Madame Zingara’s Theatre of Dreams will tittillate your senses and amuse your mind.

As you enter this world of fantasy and fun, the cirque spectacular will captivate, enchant and inspire you with this world class act. Seating 350 odd diners at this extravaganza requires a professional team to do the job right; Madame Zingara does it with ease.  The renowned fillet with chilli chocolate sauce is yummy, the salmon on a bed of brown rice looked delicious and the Springbok adds a touch of the African flavour and the show is a blockbuster over and over AGAIN!

In 1920 when the first mirrored Spiegel tent was restored with wood panelling, draped velvet and stained glass, this magnificent tent travelled around Europe with strong men and midgets, contortionists and trapeze artists to perform in it. They were part of a mysterious world of daring acts and the unknown. This age-old tradition has been revamped to all its glory and with a lot of love and devotion; it has been brought back into the splendour of days gone by.

According to the Madame Zingara’s website, in the early 1900’s, mirror tents were first built in Belgium to be used as travelling dance halls. The multitude of mirrors made it possible to make discreet eye contact with other visitors; the tents were the domain for night owls, heartbreakers and dream chasers.  They were legendary in their day and are still a symbol of the wild fin-de-siècle nightlife.

Like a typical Gypsy, Madame Zingara is moving around and taking up residency in many other parts of the Mother City. The Madame Zingara group is making an appearance not only with the performing arts but in various other ways i.e. restaurants and an array of businesses.  Café Paradiso, Café Mozart, The White Rabbit, Double Trouble and her stamp at… this is not a Post Office are just a few of the ventures that have broadened the brand of Madame Zingara’s horizon.

So it goes to show it’s not just an act! Madame Zing puts the ping in you!

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

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