Racing Fever!

Ferrari’s new F2012 the most radical of 4 new cars was unveiled on Friday at the team’s base in Maranello Italy. Ferrari’s new look with the pronounced ‘step’ on the upper nose in front of the car will give more airflow disruption on the top of the car. So, is this new look a step up in the right direction for Ferrari and enough to win the 2012 title?

Last week-end Cape Town saw the return of the great machines and the magnificent drivers. Originally started by David Piper, this series now called the Springbok Series returns to Killarney every year and the variety of colours, cars, drivers, is spectacular from novices to ex Formula 1 drivers.

As you walk through the pits and witness the mechanics hard at work to tame the racing machines you can’t help but get the same adrenalin feeling as the pilots. The noise of the powerful V12s reverberates round the open pits, which you are allowed to walk through and witness. There are no other racing tracks in the world where you can get so close to the action.

David Piper had his own liveried green cars made by Ferrari, which he raced in the 60s and still to this day he has his old collection of racing machines, some valued at R20,000,000 each! Don’t let the wooden leg or his age fool you, David has racing in his blood and will die doing this sport.

Steve McQueen used David, as one of his drivers in his classic movie, “Le Mans”. Unfortunately, David lost his leg in one of the un-planned accidents. But it created good footage which is seen in slow motion.

Come hell or high water or the stifling heat 39C on the track, these boys (and some rare girls) will B! there. It would B! awesome if Cape Town stepped up to the mark and hosted our own Formula 1 race! There’s a buzz around town that this could happen.

Fast and furiously yours,

Capt. Anthony Watterson (racing driver, ex world cup skier and servant to her Majesty)

HoneyB!……..signing off

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