The Rose Bar

Recently Paul Kovensky restaurateur extraordinaire re-vamped the Alphen Hotel and consequently created the Rose Bar which has been nick named the Cougar National Park. It is one of the best drinking holes for the over forty felines and tabby wildcats. This edgy hangout is just what suburbia needed in the Constantia Glen. We went to check it out!

Decked with loungers the Rose Bar overlooks a pool and a huge oak tree donned with fairy lights. It is a perfect setting in summer for Friday night drinks. We were lucky enough to have a table and thank goodness we got there early, otherwise we would have been fighting for a space, in fact we had to fight just to keep our space.

Ben, the General Manager, soon put us at ease as we were invited to try the mouth-watering cocktails and snacks. We started with Martinis with a shot of champagne, a refreshing Mojito and Whiskey Sours. The food was equally as delicious as we snacked on prawn tempura, squid heads and spicy chorizo sausage with German mustard.

As the sun was setting we agreed that it was a happy place, with good music and a buzz above the norm. This was the general feeling from our international table of Italians, Swiss, Germans and South Africans! The bar was jam packed but, Vikki our waitress kept our tab alive and fought through the crowds to make sure our glasses were never empty! Now that’s what I call raising the bar!

HoneyB!……..Signing off

Photo’s by Graham Abbott

Tel: +27 021 795 6313


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