Good Food & Wine Show

Convention Centre’s are not really my idea of fun, but when I heard that Buddy, the Cake Boss, was going to be at the Good Food & Wine Show this past weekend, I made it my mission to venture there for a sneak peak.

His show was unfortunately sold out, but as we were wondering around the stands, we were informed that he was about to walk past. And there he was, surrounded by body guards, QueenB!, HoneyB! and I shouted ‘Hey Buddy, ti prego una foto’ and we got the Buzz!

And what a buzz it was! Other than the Cake Boss himself, I also got to catch a glimpse of Giorgio Locatelli – an Italian Chef who is most famous for his TV Show on BBC Food. I have always had a massive crush on this man, with his mop of messy hair, dreamy accent and of course….his food! Simple Italian, just the way Cape Town Buzz likes it. I snuck into one of his shows and there he was, with a now fully grey mop of messy hair but still as sexy.

The Good Food & Wine Show exhibition itself was not that impressive. It felt like a massive craft market, but not a very trendy one. There were only two stands that caught my attention, one was ‘Le Grand Saint Sparkling Vodka’ the other one was the brandy tasting stand, ‘Fine Brandies by Design’ where their aim is to make brandy sexy! What South Africans don’t know is, that most of the brandy’s made here are made in the Cognac style, but they cannot be called Cognac, as they are not made in that region of France. The very same as Champagne.

WorkerB!……..Off I go

Photos through the eye of Sony

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