Five Stars for the Big Six

As you may have read over the past few months, QueenB! and I have had the pleasure of eating at Cape Town’s finest restaurants, from the mastermind restaurateur, Paul Kovensky – The Rose Bar, The Bungalow, The Kove, Zenzero, Paranga and to end our Kovensky safari, we found ourselves at Pepenero in Mouille Point. I had B!een to Pepenero B!fore, but only to the bar for drinks, so needless to say, I was excited to try out the Italian Seafood menu.

QueenB! and I were joined by two guests, a young Italian Count and our graphic digital web designer Torgny Hylen. Opening the menu, I was happy to see that Pepenero are currently running a special – R25 for a selection of yummy designer cocktails as well as a selection of ‘special’ dishes at a relatively low cost. Always a sucker for bubbles, I opted for the Kir Royal, the Count had a Mojito, Torgny had a beer and QueenB! had a Passion Fruit Martini.

To start, I had Prosciutto e Melone – Parma Ham and Melon. It was nothing exciting, and the quality of Prosciutto could have been better. QueenB! had the calamari, which gets 5 stars, and she has noticed that it is one of the Kovensky speciality dish’s and had it repeatedly on our food safari. Our guests decided to have mussels in cream sauce.

For mains, I definitely had the best dish by far – the 1kg of Prawns, which is on the specials menu for R99. Incredibly delicious, perfectly done and I am not ashamed to say I ate them all! The Count opted for a Carbonara, and being Italian he was a bit surprised that the chef chose whole rashers of bacon, instead of Pancetta, Italian bacon. QueenB! had the fish of the day and Torgny had the sole. Both dishes were good, basic, wholesome cooking, nothing to rave about, but then again, you won’t B! sending them back. We decided to go light on the wine with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

Dessert was Lindt Chocolate and Banana Beignets, which are little deep fried parcels of banana and chocolate – yum. QueenB! had the White Lindt Chocolate Cheesecake, which was excellent, and there was also a Crème Brûlée floating around. We finished off with espressos.

A very enjoyable evening indeed, the service was good and the atmosphere a hive of activity, yet intimate. We were very happy to end our Kovensky safari at Pepenero. Next stop is to hopefully hunt down the man himself for an exclusive?

WorkerB!……..has buzzed off

1 Two Oceans Beach,
Bay Road,
Mouille Point
+27 21 439 9027
Cape Town 8001

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