Rhino Phila

‘Saving Rhino Phila’ is a powerful and emotional story of survival. The documentary tackles the sensitive and highly controversial subject of rhino poaching in South Africa, and offers a touching story of how one rhino, Phila, survived repeated attempts on her life.

A new breed of poachers has gone to war in South Africa. They are armed to the teeth with automatic weapons, helicopters and night vision goggles. They are the scum of the earth.

I cried! I cried my eyes out while watching ‘Saving Rhino Phila‘ at a private screening organised byINfluence PR & Events and hosted by MyPlanet in collaboration with Woolworths. This highly acclaimed documentary ‘Saving Rhino Phila’ portrays the facts of life. It shows how poachers brutally kill our magnificent rhinos, our iconic beasts, our African rhinos, for nothing but greed. How dare they!!

I was touched by a calf that dies of a broken heart after pining for his mother. The mother was shot dead by poachers who working for organised syndicates. What lowlife imbeciles! The rhino cow was pregnant and just like that! Three rhinos died all because of greed. Just think 448 rhinos were injured or killed last year as a result of rhino poaching in 2011, and over 200 rhinos have already been poached this year alone.

About a year ago Woolworths donated funds to WWF to B! used for rhino conservation. This was made possible from the sales of the limited edition reusable rhino bag. To date over R1-million has been raised.

MyPlanet forms part of the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet fundraising programme which raises funds for schools and charities across the country. MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet is South Africa’s biggest fundraising programme, rising over R2.5 million every month for over 9,000 schools, charities, environmental and animal welfare organisations.

EWT MyPlanet Rhino Fund is a unique partnership between MyPlanet and the Endangered Wildlife Trust, and was launched in an effort to provide South Africans with a channel through which to easily and constructively support rhino conservation and anti-poaching without costing them a cent.

Currently over 3 500 people are actively swiping their MyPlanet cards to raise funds for the EWT MyPlanet Rhino fund specifically. On average, about R22,000 a month has been raised, and a total of R160,000 raised for rhino conservation alone. With the help of the public and MyPlanet cardholders, MyPlanet’s goal is to raise at least R100,000 a month for rhino conservation.

These funds are administered by an independent team under the umbrella of the EWT MyPlanet Rhino fund. The EWT MyPlanet Rhino Fund is represented by various industry experts and is the only multi-representational fund that allows EWT, SanParks, and various other roleplayers to work together in allocating the funds.

Funds have been used to assist: The Rhino Orphan Rescue Project (to assist injured and orphaned rhino calves) and The Savé Valley Conservancy (a critical rhino safe haven in South East Zimbabwe).

How can the public help?

Do One Thing: If we all just Do One Thing, our collective actions make a radical difference.

An easy way to show your support and take a stand against poachers and syndicates responsible for the demise of these iconic animals – and which won’t cost you a cent – is to swipe your MyPlanet card in support of the EWT MyPlanet Rhino Fund.

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