French Riviera – Biot

Robert Pierini was born in 1950 in Toulon and in the seventies he learnt how to master glass techniques, becoming one of Eloi Manod protégés.

In the beginning of the 80’s Robert Pierini set up a workshop in an old olive mill at the foot of the top-of-the-hill in Biot. Here he could dedicate and experiment in the art of glass blowing, one of the most difficult materials to master. His passion and hard work was rewarded when he began to try new ways and different combinations of materials and colours. He then began to create unique pieces and this is when he really started to make a name for himself.

He made calculations with the famous “Golden Number” in order to reach ideal proportions. He studied the properties of glass; it’s reflecting or light absorbing qualities, its transparency, its opacity and its subtle way of attracting colour.  He patented a colour which was so special, that it became known as the ‘Pierini Red. Collectors of exceptional objects and art dealers have acknowledged his marvellous talent, giving him the respect and recognition worldwide. His son Antoine has followed in his father’s footsteps and is working alongside him in the workshop. Today they are two contemporary glass artists of a very high standard.  Robert Pierini has always remained a simple, shy and discreet man with an integrity that makes him special to all who know him.

Before our visit to the Pierini workshop, we stopped for lunch in the heart of the village in Biot.  Whenever my Mother-in-law is on the French Riviera, she enjoys lunching at one of her favourite little spots, the Galerie des Arcades, a local Auberge with a lot of French attitude. I just loved it!

The entrance to this ancient village has a strict code of entry – very few cars. This quaint little village has cobbled stone streets, sweet little alley ways that lead off to nowhere in particular, give you the idea of mystery.  The steep descent to the foot of the village, you will find other workshops where you can buy hand-blown glass objects.  In the village, you can visit the local museum; shop for beautiful linen, hand crafted olive wood utensils, artefacts and local goods.

Biot is charming and simple in everyday life. If you every get a chance to go there, you will not B! disappointed, I wasn’t.

Tomorrow I will B! leaving France and buzzing off to Italy. Stay with me through my little journey on the Med…….

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

Galerie Des Arcades
16, place des Arcades
06410 Biot
Tel: 04 93650104

Route de la Mer
9,Chemin de Plan

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