Velocity Film Party

No under 18’s were allowed at the wild and crazy high Velocity Film Party this year. Under a threatening sky the electrifying scene was set for the Velocity Party at the Grand café & Beach. Again there was maximum security at the Grand on Saturday, when invited guests and friends crossed over the threshold into a world of fantasy for an afternoon of fun and entertainment.

Keith Rose from Velocity Films is a quiet-minded, forward-thinking man. He is a genius at what he does and likes to push the boundaries to maximum tilt at all times. Ange Ramsey, head of PR and Marketing at Velocity, got the nod and went the whole nine yards of decadence. The mood was full of fantasy, it was bold and fetishist. Naughty girls in kinky attire came out in the open at this grand affair.

As a voyeur, QueenB! roamed around snapping her Sony at girls with cheeky butts clad in fishnet stockings, wielding riding crops and the Cat of Nine Tails, as the Dominatrix women took command of the day it was evident that the party was a huge hit! Incognito, people in lacy head gear masked the mystery B!hind some of the scenes, that were carefully laid out on the beach. While the sounds of Massive Music picked up the buzz. All too soon, it was time to wrap up the party, as the party of the year.

What I have heard is that when Rosy boy cracks the whip on set, you will feel the sting and this is why Velocity Films have ruled for so long!

Just in! Velocity Films score Gold yet again at Loeries Awards

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

Photos of the party through the Sony eye of QueenB!

Savas did QueenB!s hair

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