Bay Harbour Market

In September 2011 a new investment was made ‘The Bay Harbour Market’ and at the end of every week, the market is up in the Republic of Hout Bay. When it hit the market industry it became the buzz word in the Republic. Now in 2014 it’s gone from strength to strength, proving that it was a good investment. As it approaches its third year of prosperity and continues to challenge other markets, the overall message is that it’s beating its African drum of success.

Once a fish factory, it has now been restored into a market place that houses stalls of all sorts. From jewellery, wood sculptures and art to Eco friendly Bam-boo! T-shirts. Buy a hat if you fancy that! There are tantalizing free range culinary delights, ranging from cheese, breads, sausages, beer, wine and fish to cakes of all kinds, fruit shakes, crêpes and steaks. Take in a ‘Nap’, and have a slice of dream cake. Or, at ‘eat’ try the homemade Teriyaki, wraps and miso soup. An added plus, live music to top it all.

Throughout the ages Europe has understood the pleasure and profit of having a market within its city walls. Having traders trading under one roof makes sense for selling their goods and building their community through the strength of the market and thus gaining the value of having one.

This type of market gain was just what Hout Bay needed. It has brought to the table small business ventures that have contributed to the social lives of the community – a bustling market place can be a lifeline for many.

All year round the Bay Harbour Market is up and running as profits soar!

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Trading times: Fridays 5pm to 9pm
Saturdays & Sundays: 9.30am to 4pm

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