Salushi Intaba

I am a sushi addict! During my modelling career, I spent a lot of time in Japan and that’s where my love for Japan and Japanese food and culture began. I am hooked on this wonderful high protein diet and crave sushi on a regular basis. The bottom line is, I have been a sushi junkie for years and I am still hooked!

Salushi has the X-factor! It’s the hub in Claremont when it comes to sushi. Grant Isaacs, the owner has found the right formula and the right ingredient that has turned Salushi’s into a huge success. Meeting day in and day out, the sushi lover devours endless quantities of delicious sushi because of the quality, quantity and fantastic values for money. Jacques and Grant are constantly creating new and exciting dishes with their team of sushi chefs, turning out sensational mouth-watering addictions!

Ten years ago, when I decided to settle in Cape Town, there were perhaps only one or two top nosh sushi restaurants. Now Cape Town is on the map as sushi bars and restaurants pops up everywhere. Over a period of time the occidental world has been marvelled and seduced by the delicate taste in Japanese cuisine. Today, we the consumer eat an enormous amount of sushi worldwide, enjoying the Japanese food culture, in our own social eating habits.

The Salushi goer is a happy bunny at this very busy trendy spot. Like bees to honey the cliental varies from regulars to locals, students and families. Last week I was there with my sister and nephew Troye Sivan, aka ‘Spud’ and the crazy eight while they took a break from filming Spud 3. We had one of the best sushi lunches ever!

Thank you, Grant & Jacques for such a delicious sushi lunch, we were spoilt for choice. Oh! Just to mention Salushi’s has introduced a new world sensation – Bubble Tea, try it if you haven’t already done so, you may find it interesting and become addicted. Salushi’s is one of my favourites. You guys rock!

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

Intaba Building
25 Protea Road
Tel: +27  021 6714271
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62 Kloof Street
Cape Town
Tel: +27 021 424 4880

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