Aquila as an option

The wild terrain that you pass through once you exit the Huguenot Tunnel is quite diverse and very interesting. This amazing scenic journey will take you through a rugged, hostile mountain range that looms above a jagged rock face that is covered in snow at this time of year. We saw baboons roaming around with a purpose that only they know; it kind of reminded me of the science fiction film directed by Franklin J. Schaffner’s film ‘Planet of the Apes’.

Then, the land flattens out into widespread fields that stretch far into the distance under a very dramatic winter sky. This is truly breathtaking and makes you realise just how naturally beautiful Africa is, all year round!

With its proximity to Cape Town (roughly a 3 hour drive) Aquila Resort is a getaway for families with young children and first time newbies to Africa. Foreigners visiting Cape Town, who don’t have much time to do a private game farm, can get a taste of Africa on a day trip without going too far into the bush.
Many celebs with children have found this easy accessible “African-ness”  quite lovely and very buzz worthy.

Aquila has a stronghold enclosure for Cheetahs and a simple, hard-working approach to the protection of wildlife.

The staff is well trained and your guide on the drive is well informed. Children will love the educational interaction with wildlife and guaranteed sightings. Out-rides on horseback or quad bikes are very popular for the more adventurous resulting in enough activities to satisfy everyone.

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Photo’s by Graham Abbott

R46 Ceres, Ceres Road,
Touwsriver 6880
Tel:+27 (0) 21 430 7260

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