Beefcakes – Throwback Thursday

Beefcakes, is the beefiest burger bar in town. Andrew and Grant have got it ever so right. They camped up their all American 50’s diner to the hilt with pink flamingos, feather boas, tiny fairy lights and sequined hats that glitter! Beefy waiters are at your beck and call and wait on tables with no sweat at all. Cocktails are good and the burgers well done on a bun; nice n’ easy with fries. Don’t worry vegans before you meow like a pussy, there’s something for you so you won’t get all fussy.

It’s show time! La Cageaux Folles drag Queen delight, is always packed on a Thursday night. This simply outrageous, marvelous show will tickle your humour even if you are straight or gay, hey! It could become your favourite diner, when you dine out and take in the show. Throwback Thursday three years ago, QueenB! and the crazy eight from Spud 2 did just that; we popped in on Princess Pop’s show and said “darling!…. darling this is  buzz-worthy, it’s Absolutely Fabulous!”

You must book so you don’t have to cook! Monday night special is a comedy show. Stay in tune, don’t be square, just be there!

QueenB!………..abuzzing off

40 Somerset Rd, Cape Town 8052
Tel: + 27 (0) 21 425 90 19


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