In March 2010 it was decided to try and take ex racehorses into the Horse Care Unit(HCU) situated at the SPCA and thereby do something to help get suitable homes for ex racehorses. This program required that all ex racehorses adopted from the HCU had their homes checked and a follow up check once a year thereafter(as per SPCA policy). We introduced training methods to successfully train down the ex racehorses and these together with a change of feed became a successful formula. We found we were able to find homes and the project was named REHORP and under this initiative we managed to find homes for over 90 ex racehorses up to Feb 2013.

In January 2013 the SPCA decided that the program’s success had become too much for them to handle administratively and called a meeting and asked us to move our program to bigger premises and be responsible for the administration as well as the training. At the same time they decided to change their adoption criteria which would have made it impossible to adopt to new owners wanting to compete in different disciplines.

We then looked at finding an economically viable livery option so that we could carry on the rehoming of ex racehorses. This we achieved and set up at Cheval Vapeur in Philippi. We set up an agreement for the rehoming of the horses and set up home check forms and put up software to keep track of yearly follow ups on all the horses we will be rehoming. We have continued using our network of animal lovers and our Western Cape Equine Trust facebook page and have set up many different media sites to advertise our horses and these are actively managed

We changed the name REHORP to the “Western Cape Equine Trust REHOMING PROGRAM” and started off the program during August with the arrival of two mares rescued from bush racing and starvation, together with 5 horses off the track one from Snaith Racing and four from Plattner Racing Stable.

We put them into our training and dietary program and have so far (30th September) achieved the rehoming of four of them to inspected homes.

We are restricted to the number of horses we can handle as we have limited funds and still help the SPCA HCU. We use the same volunteers to carry out the training programs and we have negotiated favourable vet and farrier charges all to contain our costs.

All monies received for rehoming the horses go straight back into helping the next horses

We are passionate in our endeavours to improve the life all equines and as the majority of our funds are from the racing industry we feel this practical initiative is the way to help ex racehorses.

We are a registered PBO and all our funds will go towards extending our Program and helping improving the life of all equines.

HoneyB!……..Signing off

Photo’s by Georgia Edwoods and QueenB!

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