95 Keerom

The building is circa 1682, the interior is an elegant mix of old and new. 95 Keerom is an Italian restaurant in the heart of the Mother City.

Giorgio Nava, an unashamed purist, is driven to create excellence every single time a dish is made, whether it is a new offering or something that has been sent out from the kitchen hundreds of times over.

To get it right requires a fine line and when it comes to 95 Keerom it is fine because, Giorgio Nava knows about classic Italian cooking and tradition. Giorgio prides himself with typical dishes from different regions in Italy which he keeps authentic. For Giorgio cooking and eating is a living experience. Simple or complicated perfection is what counts.

The Maestro of 95 Keerom, is passionate about food and to keep up the standard requires a lot of hard work. After all it’s all about quality.

QueenB!…….Abuzzing off

95 Keerom Street, Gardens
Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: +27 21 422 0765
Fax: + 27 24 422 0764


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