Paragliding in for lunch

Hiking up Lions Head to the launching pad is tough, so before starting the 25 minute hike, do yourself a favor and buy a bottle of water and an energy bar from the ground staff in the shack. You will be grateful for this once you get going. It’s hot and the climb is unforgiving. I keep saying to myself, “you’re nearly there! You can do it!” Manu Wegmershaus and his team from Cape Town Tandem Paragliding  are pushing against time and taking full advantage of the weather conditions for flying.

By the time we reach Lion’s Head terminal, the thought of flying is becoming more and more surreal. But! Hang on (no pun intended), I realise it is real and I have to do it! I am about to leap off a mountain and fly! There is no turning back now and Manu, my pilot, has years of experience so relax QueenB! Enjoy the ride. I am about to get high in the sky, just like an adrenaline junkie.

The most intense time is waiting for the wind to pick up! When it happens it is fast and furious. Within seconds we are soaring and gliding like birds in the sky. WOW!

The QueenB! has landed…..

Feet firmly on the ground, I thank Manu from the Cape Town Tandem Paragliding group for an incredible, buzz-worthy experience and scurry off to lunch at the Bungalow.

The Bungalow is relaxed with a perfect view, that’s what it is! The exterior of the restaurant is summery and fresh and the interior is edgy and modern. The loungers on the terrace are a great idea for sunset watching; when that moment of bliss happens it’s a perfect way to end the day.

When Paul Kovensky bought his Bungalow overlooking the ocean, he had a vision as an entrepreneur to turn La Med into something great. I hope it remains that way and it doesn’t become La Mediocre…..

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

Photos by GoPro HD  and my man on the ground, Charles Johnstone

Cape Town Tandem Paragliding

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