Ndiza Gallery – Krystal Beach

Ndiza Gallery has been in the making in collaboration with Krystal Beach Hotel for almost a year. The idea was spearheaded by Michele Roelofsen when approaching the hotel with the idea of a once- off Solo Exhibition of Roel Roelofsen’s work on “Derivation”. This led to Krystal Beach Hotel offering her the opportunity to install a permanent gallery on their premises.

Michele then called upon Michaela Limberis, George Reeves and Gavin Furlonger to put together a winning presentation to the Krystal Beach Hotel which was a great success.

With her team in place and with all their combined experience in the art and photographic world the NDIZA Gallery was created.

Their Mission Statement was to create an elegant immersive space for visitors to engage in a contemporary and cultural experience, centred on art and photography in all its forms from South Africa and the African continent.

For their first show they approached the well known Arlene Amaler- Raviv. From her amazing and prolific body of works they put together an Exhibition that brings great insight to the Artist herself as well as reminding the more seasoned Collector of her well established place amongst some of SA’s finest.

With the help of the Krystal Beach App. every visitor is able to reach further than ever before into the background of Arlene’s journey bringing a greater and more unique understanding of what it is that drives her vision and work. This applies as well to all the other works on display, be they art or photography throughout the Hotel.

In Michele’s own words: We aim to bring both comfort and ease to all our visitors to the Gallery without the fear of intimidation. To enjoy the experience at their own pace.

If the Launch, with it’s endles flow of wine from Alle Bleu and Brampton, and delicious canapes arranged by Chef Marc and his wonderfiul Team whilst languishing on beautiful furniture supplied by In House Design then it is clear that NDIZA Gallery has a great future ahead and always ready to fly.

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