The Test Kitchen

A heavenly experience in a food lover’s dream The Test Kitchen gets an A+ when it comes to the test.

Award winning chef, Luke Dale-Roberts, started his kitchen in November 2010. Luke, a culinary genius with creativity in the kitchen, is unconventional, innovative, edgy and different. He plays with different flavours using seasonal produce by changing the menu every few months. The surprise element is simply sumptuous as he conjures up combinations that will leave you spellbound.

The atmosphere is cool, dark and moody with an open plan kitchen where the chef’s work like clockwork. Methodically moving around the kitchen with ease, preparing a flow of dishes that are sensational in taste and simply sublime when they hit those taste buds.

Personally I love eating at the counter, watching a hive of activity in the kitchen is part of the experience. For all you foodies out there, The Test Kitchen is without a doubt a culinary hot spot that will leave you mesmerized by the experience.

So if you haven’t taken the test, then do. You must book and may have to wait for weeks

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

Unit 104A, Old Biscuit Mill,
375 Albert road,
Cape Town
Tel: +27 (0)21 447 2337
Closed on Mondays


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