Tashas eat-house Constantia village is down to earth in a heavenly way. It’s simply delicious! I could easily settle in daily at noon and devour one of their incredible salads! I just love their creative wholesome approach to cooking.

This busy restaurant is jam packed day in and day out, Tashas is cooking! Why? Because, they’ve got it right. From one end of the scale to the other, they have found the balance in a variety of dishes that have been tweaked to perfection! They have put together the right formula and it works.

Their portions are generous, their mix and blend in their salads are exceptionally good and their well trained staff, polite and friendly. The comfortable seating and atmosphere is pleasant, even though the acoustics inside are not so good, but who cares Tashas is great.

This franchise is well established and slick. The only snag, you can’t book, not serious have a glass of wine in the waiting area, the wait is never too long and so worth it. Tashas is my favorite place to eat for lunch, the best value you will find in Cape Town, awesome!

Thank you Tashas!

QueenB!…….Abuzzing off

Constantia Village
Constantia Main Road & Spaanschemat River Road
Constantia,Cape Town
Contact details: Tel 021 794 5449 (no bookings accepted though)
Open on Mondays

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