Strauss & Co’s Cocktail Party

When it comes to auctioneering fine goods, Strauss & Co are at the core of the matter. The company is relatively young and in a very short period of time they have managed to corner 50% of the market trends in South Africa. The other 50% is divided up among others. Competition is always a good thing; it keeps up the hype and excitement, so when the hammer comes down in the competitive world of auctioneering, Strauss & Co is at the hub in South Africa. You could say they are riding the wave and rising to fame.

Strauss & Co have a remarkable team on board. They understand the emotional side of dealing with clients who wish to – or may need to – part with valuable and sentimental goods. With their collective years of professional experience, they have proven that time and time again, the experts within the realm of the company understand classic pieces of important South African and international fine art, furniture, silver, ceramics, glass and jewellery. They demonstrate a pride and knowledge in the industry that is very trustworthy.

Every year they host private previews/cocktails before their summer and winter sale goes under the hammer in Cape Town. It attracts avid international and local clients, who appreciate this traditional culture globally and who embrace being part of the finer things in life. The personal buyer or the antique dealer looking for that one special piece knows that they stand a chance of finding it with Strauss & Co. The turnout at the Vineyard Hotel in Claremont for the cocktail party last Thursday evening was another huge success. When sipping a glass of bubbly and snacking on delicious canapés, the buzz around the room was evident. It is clear that the auctions held by Strauss & Co are sensational and very buzz worthy.

Bidders know that when the time comes to bid against each other the tension is high and the adrenalin runs through their veins. This is the moment of excitement; when it’s touch and go! The Auctioneer says, “Going once… going twice… Sold!” and slams down his hammer.

On the 4th of January at the Vineyard Hotel, Stephan Welz, Managing Director of Strauss & Co, will bring down the hammer on some of the finer things in life, which could fetch anything between 10 and 15 million ZAR.

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Photos by Graham Abbott

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