“Spud” the movie topped the South African box office during the 2010 Summer holidays, beating out Harry Potter and various other Hollywood blockbusters. Once again, John van der Ruit, author of Spud, joined forces with producers Ross Garland and Brad Logan and director Donovan Marsh for Spud 2. After seven weeks of filming in and around Cape Town last year, Spud 2 will hit the silver screen in South Africa and take major cities by storm. Spud 2 has the right energy and mix of insanity for it to be, yet again, another blockbuster!

Troye Sivan, aka Spud, is truly a talented and remarkable young actor. The rest of the Crazy 8 (minus Gecko, of course) returns as well: Sven Ruygrok (Rambo); Josh Goddard (Mad Dog); Tom Burne (Vern); Byron Langley (Simon); Travis Hornsby (Boggo) and Blessing Xaba (Fatty). And who could forget Spud’s love interests? Genna Blair is back as Debbie “The Mermaid”, Charlbi Kriek returns to taunt Spud as Amanda and Alex McGregor is the unhinged Christine.

Cape Town Buzz went behind the scenes for the back buzz during filming. It was such a pleasure hanging out with these young talented spudding stars. Now with great anticipation and enthusiasm, Troye and family will be jetting into Cape Town on the 10th of June for the premiere. The Madness Continues!

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