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With La Motte’s association with art and culture as well as the passion for the preservation of heritage, La Motte Museum is proud to announce a new contemporary exhibition – The Helgaard Steyn Awards 1987-2013.

The exhibition features the work of prominent figures in the South African arts. This group consists of established artists, writers and composers, all having one esteemed accomplishment in common – they are all recipients of the Helgaard Steyn Award.

The Helgaard Steyn Awards, a prestigious prize in the South African arts introduced during the eighties, acknowledge individuals within the South African arts on a yearly basis. What makes it unique is the fact that it alternates in a four year cycle between disciplines of musical composition, painting, literature and sculpture.

The awards are funded by the Helgaard Steyn Trust that originated from the estate of Dr. JH (Jan) Steyn, who named it after his father, Helgaard Steyn. Dr. Steyn was a family friend of the Rupert’s and shared the dedication towards conservation and the development of arts and culture, Dr. Anton Rupert together with his two brothers, were honoured as the first trustees. Dr. Rupert’s daughter and current trustee, Hanneli Rupert-Koegelenberg, has now initiated the idea of celebrating the winning works and award recipients with a retrospective exhibition on La Motte.

The multi-component exhibition features a selection of the winning visual art works, musical compositions and literature, such as Lament/Klaagsang (1985) by Pippa Skotness (1987 – Painting – Graphic Art), Nege landskappe van ons tye bemaak aan ‘n beminde (1993) by Breyten Breytenbach (1996 – Literature), Kantorium (2004) by Roelof Temming (2006 – Musical composition) and Willem Boshoff’s Blind Alphabet A (2001 – Sculpture). Please see complete list in Editor’s Notes.

A comprehensive exhibition catalogue, printed in full-colour, as well as the winning works of literature are available from the Farm Shop on the estate. The printed catalogue can also be ordered and is available in Afrikaans and English as a PDF download from La Motte’s website.

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