Capri – Known to man as one of the most picturesque and romantic spots on earth. Just off the coast of Naples and Salerno, a magnificent rock soars out of the sea. A jewel in the Mediterranean that for centuries has been inspirational to poets, lovers and intellectuals. In the 1950’s, Capri became a popular resort for European artists, writers and wealthy international celebrities, to this day, it continues to fascinate and draw people onto the island.

When the Roman Emperor, Caesar Augustus, first discovered Capri in 29 BC, he was so taken by its beauty that he traded the nearby fertile land of Ischia with the city of Naples, thus heralding the beginning of Augustan rule. The magnificent ruins of the Imperial Roman Villas remain well preserved. Villa Jovis was the main residence of the Emperor Tiberius, which is built on sheer rock that dramatically descends vertically into the sea.

Villa San Michele is also well worth seeing. Built at the turn of the 20th century, it is steeped in history with beautiful antique furnishings showcasing the lifestyle of Axel Munthe the Swedish-born physician and psychiatrist, as well as gardens adorned with works of art and many ancient relics.

Capri will dazzle you with splashes of nature’s vibrant colors and scents: flowers which are intoxicating with fragrances of Jasmine and Orange Blossom, pervade the streets day and night, giving the air a magical and hypnotic scent. Evenings are alive with people exploring the hidden wonders of the island, or having an aperitif at a pavement café before dinner, while enjoying a mid-summer night’s dream.

To get a different perspective, take a boat trip away from the hustle and bustle of the island and experience its breathtaking natural beauty from the sea, visiting the Blue Grotto and the Faraglioni: three spurs of rock that rise up out of the sea in spectacular fashion.

Long live beautiful Capri…… its charm and magical beauty remain breathtaking!

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