London – Bocca di Lupo in Soho is an institution that has been around for years. Known for its traditional authentic Italian dishes which have been created from established recipes passed on down through the years. It requires veritable experience and perfection to adhere to age-old practices using carefully selected ingredients from the multitude of Italy’s cultural and culinary regions. This makes for a versatile and unique dining experience and one that is not to be missed! The predominantly Italian staff adds to the genuine and relaxed atmosphere – where food is an important delight and central to the Italian lifestyle.

Adapting to today’s trends and pioneering this concept for Italian cuisine, Bocca di Lupo offers diners the experience of enjoying its fare in a tapas-style tasting – unleashing the mysteries around the palate with hypnotic aromas and exquisite tastes. The constant flow of your chosen dishes will enhance the sharing experience and through these traditional flavors presented in a different context, give you a modern way to enjoy these timeless classics!

Let’s just eat and be merry. But, you must book!

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12 Archer Street
Soho London
Tel: +44 2 077 34 22 23

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