Changing my garden over from needy water plants into a sensible, self-sustainable paradise of succulents, aloes and cacti has turned out to be quite an amazing endeavor. I was told about a fabulous nursery near Cape Point with a good variety of just the plants I was looking for. To my surprise, during this mad quest to find water-wise plants to transform my garden, I stumbled upon The Whole Earth Café in Scarborough.

Tucked away off the beaten track, behind an estate agent’s office, I found this quaint little café that was once a holiday home. Taking natural produce that Mother natures provides, Aura, the owner of the café and her chef are creating delicious wholesome meals.

Known as the ‘local’ to the residents of Scarborough, I was thrilled with my tasty wholesome nosh because, for me, at times this is as good as it gets.

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257 Main Road,
Cape Town
Tel: +27 021 780 1138

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