After many years of jet setting around the world, Quentin came home to roost at the Oakhurst farmhouse in Hout Bay. From the French Riviera to the Caribbean, Quentin’s culinary skills have delighted the taste buds of many aristocratic families, celebrities, eurotrash and in particular the London based tycoon, Jonathan Green and family.

Quentin brewed up a storm and in a short time the world was his oyster. The iconic figure Sol Kerzner now deceased (R.I.P.) became a big player in Quentin life. Sol took the bull by the horns and placed Quentin as his personal chef in the arena of his estate in Cape Town. Quentin was able to display his creative culinary skills until he was on the foodie map.

He then took up residency in Hout Bay and became an Ambassador to rustic fine dining. In a refurbished barn the atmosphere is moody and gentle, dining among farmhouse antiques and collectables. The menu is a range of dishes based on the creations coming from Quentin’s country lifestyle. Delicious, wholesome food with a twist is what to expect.

Smoked ostrich carpaccio. Duck with Jerusalem artichokes, wild mushrooms and sticky red cabbage. Squid and tuna fish salad with star aniseed and plum sauce. Slow cooked lamb in red wine, garlic, thyme and leeks, served with boiled potatoes. You get my drift?

The cherry on the top after this scrumptious meal was frozen rose, pistachio nougat, with a sherry as a nightcap before going off to Club Duvet.

Quentin has gone full circle and returned to an area familiar to him. For him its not just proof in the pudding, the proof is in his bones.

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

Oakhurst Farm,
Main Road,
Hout Bay
Tel: +27 (0) 21 790 4888 

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