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Ah, Venice! Full of history, love, mystery, and art, a city that oozes romance with its stunning canals, picturesque bridges, and charming Gothic architecture. But the city’s allure goes beyond its romantic atmosphere. Venice is a unique city with a rich history.

Let’s go back to the 9th century when Venice started to become a major maritime power, profiting from trading rights along the Adriatic coast granted by the Byzantine Empire. Evidence of its iconic landmarks can be seen in the Doge’s Palace in all its glory. The many ornate rooms, the richly decorated interiors, frescoes on the ceilings, and art, where you will see the largest painting in the world! This is a testament to the city’s phenomenal powerful past. Now a museum, you can explore and be in awe of the beauty and horror of the cells in the prison during the Renaissance. Treason was just one of the severe punishments against the elected leader, the Doge of Venice.

The city’s bridges are another famous feature, with over 400 spanning its canals. Each bridge has its own unique character and style, from the grand Rialto Bridge to the smaller, more intimate bridges that connect the city’s quieter neighborhoods. Do not forget the iconic Bridge of Sighs built in 1614. For sure the prisoners didn’t… as they crossed over the bridge from the Doge’s Palace to be dealt their prison sentence. Legend has it that if you take a deep breath and hold it while crossing, you’ll be blessed with eternal love. Or maybe just a really big headache.

For those seeking a romantic place to stay, the Daniele Hotel is the perfect choice. This historic hotel has been welcoming guests since the 14th century, playing host to many famous names over the years. Hemingway, Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens, Queen Margherita of Savoy, Charlie Chaplin, Liz Taylor, and the rumor of the ghost Casanova himself still haunts the halls.

There’s something truly special about Venice and life on the Grand Canal – the way the gondoliers serenade you as you float down the canals or crisscross over all those bridges. By the end of the day, it’s time to just sit and watch while having an aperitif in St Mark’s square and then off to nourish your taste buds. I love the buzzing Trattoria do Forni, where the pasta is always al dente and the wine flows like the canals.

Venice, where romance is high, the history is rich, the birthplace of Marco Polo, and the traditional Italian cuisine. I say, “Ma! Che bella I’Italia!”

QueenB!…….Abuzzing off

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