Now write that book

Did you know that you can self publish a book within six weeks right here in Cape Town? If you a budding author this is right up your alley.

At a fascinating workshop called, Now….write that book, we heard from the professionals in a room packed with nearly 200 authors and want-to-be authors, just how easy it is to turn your dreams into a reality.

The excitement was palpable. In just a few hours, we found out how simple it is to self-publish a book.

The buzz word was POD (print on demand) and how self publishing versus traditional publishing. Of course, you do have to put your creativity down on paper.

Now…write that book! What are you waiting for?

Contacts are below.

QueenB!………Abuzzing off!

Write to the point: Kristina Davidson

Professional Editors Group: John Linnegar

New Voices: Barbara Mueller

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