Ten years ago Woodstock became the hub, the place to go on a Saturday morning. The Old Biscuit Mill was the main attraction running on full throttle with a constant flow of visitors and traders. It’s wasn’t just any run of the mill, it attracted a vast diverse community, a mix of people week in and week out.

The meaning of market in this day and age is totally different to once upon a time when it was; to market to market to buy a fat pig. The Old Biscuit Mill is a factory with a difference. It allows creative small business to explore and establish new wave trends. Designer stores, local artisans, foodie delights and decadent restaurants, lifestyle. The Test Kitchen passes the test with an A+.

The Mill was an innovative idea that was ahead of the wave. It has set up shop and established itself as one of the main attractions in Cape Town. It has evolved over a decade and home to many talented people. No doubt it will continue to be the hub of Woodstock.

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373-375 Albert Road,
Old Biscuit Mill,

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