Jo Malone Boutique

Jo Malone and Gavin Rajah have a lot in common when it comes to lifestyle and beauty. Therefore it is not surprising that they have joined forces and opened a fabulous Jo Malone boutique at the V& A Waterfront in Cape Town.

There is nothing more comforting than a fragrance that triggers a wild sense of wellbeing around you. A fragrance that will suit your home, a fragrant candle that will light up your bathroom or study, a fragrance for moments when you want to dazzle your dinner guests with a subtle scent throughout your home, Jo Malone does just that with a wide range of products, beautiful elegant packaging, their brand has years of experience in the home, giving you a fragrance to keep. Once you go with Jo Malone you are home.

The cherry on the top at this fabulous opening were the canapés. Genius chef Annelize Buchanan is tip top in the culinary business. Hallelujah! Bite size delicious, delicate canapés that enticed and tantalised our taste buds. To perfection and beautifully arranged Annelize is simply the best.

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