Lunch at the Alphen Hotel

Paul Kovensky, owner of Paranga, Zen Zero the Kove and the Bungalow, recently revamped the Alphen Hotel to join his string of adventures’ in Cape Town.

Sitting down with great girlfriends for lunch at the Alphen on the terrace of La Belle Café & Bakery  we commented on how lucky we were to B! living in Cape Town and how strange the bi-polar weather had been, but for a change it was perfect, blue skies and a slight breeze, loovely!

We were chatting about the New Year and the effect it will have on our lives, our children, our men and our friends. Where we are heading, how we will get there and how long it will take to come right in the world recession. Lost in our discussion, we realised that we had been there for quite some time and were getting very hungry, even though we had ordered our food 40 minutes ago, it had not yet arrived.

QueenB! got frisky and commented that this was not on!  With that the maître d’ offered a complimentary bottle of bubbly to apologise for the wait. We were charmed by the gesture and gracefully accepted just as our food arrived. The silence at the table was comforting after the hour wait and to the relief of us all, lunch turned out to be good.  The salads were delicious, the deserts fantastic! The cakes were a treat in themselves, and so was the espresso.

QueenB!…………..Abuzzing off

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