Veuve Clicquot, one of my favourite French champagnes, went hand in hand and pony to pony at the picturesque Val de Vie Estate for the Veuve Clicquot Masters Polo event. It was super chic, fun, sophisticated and well-presented.  For the second year running the Veuve Clicquot Masters was an outright success. The overall champion was Veuve Clicquot winning the match and the day!

Vivid Luxury know their goods well; they did a sterling job and handled the event to perfection.  QueenB! buzzed with the overflow of Veuve while her worker B!s went trigger happy with their cameras as they cruised around, not missing a shot. QueenB! greeted friends and acquaintances with the international code of “hello daaaarling!”

While guests nibbled on delightful canapés and sipped their bubbly, the group GoodLuck entertained. I missed the fashion show, but apparently it captured many men’s attention with the naked truth, from Jenni Button.

Then! The dramatic arrival of the two polo teams.  On the field, eight sexy men in boots, armed with mallets and ready for battle. Veuve Clicquot team and Val de Vie team were about to go head to head. They knew that within minutes, they would be chasing and charging the imaginary line created by the ball. The players on their ponies galloped up and down, mallets hooked and swung in action as they went for the ball.  Victory went to the Veuve Clicquot team. Well done to both teams for riding so well.

I was delighted to have received the nod to this Master affair. I knew we would be spoilt with only the best premium brand.  As a lover of luxury goods and the best things in life. Take a leaf out the French book of attitude worth thinking about – women love to be spoilt and men who love women, know how to spoil.

I would like to raise my glass to all the ladies who looked vivacious and fab…. you know who you are. To the best dressed headgear, I take my hat off to Jo-Ann Strauss.

So that’s it my daaaarlings. Live and let live! From Hive-HQ

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

Photos by Gavin Furlonger, Christopher Micaud and Charles Johnston

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