Paranga in Camps Bay on Sunset Strip is prime property.  When you have the best property anywhere in the world money can buy, the first rule is…never let it go! Restaurateur Paul Kovensky is aware of this unwritten rule in real-estate; walk-in trade on this buzzy strip is one of the driving forces that make it work.

Paranga is just one of Paul’s foodie adventures and turning tables in this culinary business, is a tough one, but Paul is doing just that, this is a perfect spot for long lunches. When you get there the chill factor sets in. The view of the ocean is visually stimulating, peaceful on some days while on other days, it’s dramatic! If you plan on spending the day on the beach, Paranga is ideal for a meal. But you must book.

Lunch time was busy. I arrived with friends from Switzerland so I was pleased to B! able to show them a lifestyle in Cape Town that I enjoy. We started with a bottle of Springfield Life From Stone which was suggested to embrace this life and the choice was excellent!

The extensive menu is interesting, so we decided to have a tasting experience. We started with Tempura Prawns. Six Tiger prawns in a crispy tempura batter, with honey and ginger soya sauce. They were crispy and succulent, but not quite Tempura style, they were more deep fried, I think they should B! a little lighter, Japanese style. The Parma Ham served with grilled pears married well together and was very good. A special of the day was a Crayfish salad that was exceptional.

We then went onto the more serious side of lunch. I loved the exquisitely fab spicy sesame encrusted Tuna Loin, with wok fried greens on wasabi mash. The Chicken & Rocket consisting of parmesan grilled chicken breast strips on a bed of rocket and cucumbers was my least favourite. Finally we had a Surf & Turf, a perfect fillet medium rare, with two large prawns on a bed of crunchy veggies.

For dessert.  We had a meringue nest for the sweet tooth lover. The tiède Apple Crumble with one ball of ice-cream which was a big hit! And last but not least, we had a Crème Brûlée that was just right with three espressos to end off our wonderful lunch.

It was time for the Trois Suisses to move on out of Paranga. We thanked Tammy, our lovely waitress, for looking after us and realised that we had been there for three hours. Time flies all the time but in this case, we had a good time.

Thank you Paranga.

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

Photos by Michael Messerli 

The Promenade,
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Camps Bay
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