Two Oceans Marathon

Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon is legendary in Cape Town. Every year runners and walkers come from all walks of life to participate in this buzz worthy event, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful marathons in the world.

When the marathon by-passed Hive-HQ at the crack of dawn, the cock was crowing with its usual gusto but it wasn’t the crowing of the cock that woke QueenB!, it was the ghetto blasters, shouts and hoots of encouragement that did. So, it was time to don a hat, get the old Barbour on and embrace the rain. With collars on the Cairns, they knew just what was about to happen and, yelping with excitement, dashed out into the pouring rain in the direction of the Constantia Nek. The rain belted down but there was no stopping the runners as they headed uphill in the most difficult part of the marathon.

The walk up to the Nek for me was fun; after all, I wasn’t a suffering runner, I was just a walker. I went about my business snapping shots with my little Sony, while being pulled off my feet by the Cairns, who were anxious to get a move on. By the time I reached the Nek, I was humbled by the experience and would like to take my hat off to all who participated in this demanding marathon, each and every one of you. Well done!

QueenB!…………Abuzzing off

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