Spud 2 – It’s a Wrap!

Due to be released next year Spud 2 is in the bag! It’s a wrap! And set to be another blockbuster in South Africa.  After seven weeks of filming which took place in and around Cape Town, the crew finally shot the last take on Monday 6th August and wrapped up Spud 2.

Early morning calls for Troye the crazy eight, John Cleese and crew are over. At times while shooting on location the bitter cold was a real challenge. John Cleese, an actor I have always admired, was a marvelous example to all the young up and coming stars as he demonstrating not only his unbelievable talent and humor, but also his professionalism, by patiently going about his role in the freezing cold. During his week of filming, he set the bar to all concerned. To be good means to make a solid commitment, which I must say Troye as Spud and the crazy eight did so with ease.

In this wonderful world of entertainment the people who play a role in the industry, are an array of talent, from the actors to the director, assistant director, cameramen, lighting, sound, wardrobe and makeup is, all in all, a team effort.  The film industry knows exactly what it takes to make it work. Co-producer Brad Logan, personally interviews every single person, so he can find the right synergy before he works with his crew.

Last night at the end of filming, it was time to wrap up and party, relax and chill off duty and not have to worry about the early morning call sheet. Nada! It was also a time to say goodbye to friends, which can be an emotional one for many, a sad moment; their clockwork routine is over until the start of another movie.

Tears, hugs and kisses were exchanged as the party came to an end. On the bright side of it all, the crazy eight will meet again at the première of Spud 2.

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

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