Greek to me. Why don’t the Greeks obey the simplest rule in road safety? Or perhaps that’s just it…it’s Greek to the Greeks and they are crazy drivers. 

Mykonos is known to many as the party animal island. The younger generation stay out all night, buzz around on quad bikes, Vespas and bikes, hardly anyone wears helmets which is mind boggling to me. In this day and age it should be a priority. I guess its island life.

We stayed in an area called Agios Ioannis in a villa organised by ‘Aqvaliving Mykonos’. The beauty about this area is that its only 10 minutes to the town centre by car, and about another ten minutes to most of the beaches on the island. The restaurants in town are busy, alive and fun. The shopping is island shopping by night.

The name of the game on Mykonos is Moolah! A table at Cavo Paradiso can be anything between 1 and 3 thousand Euros a night. Partying up a storm day and night is expensive so keep this in mind. If you don’t want a table then the entrance fee is between 30/40 Euros and drinks are expensive – But! to the euro-trash who easily drop a couple of grand a night think nothing of it.

Mykonos does not sleep. It’s buzzy at midnight and it’s buzzy at midday. Shopping at night is fun; it’s exciting, different and not too hot. Think nothing about milling around on the streets at night – its safe to walk – and you will still find shops open at all hours.

If you want a crazy mixed time with a chill factor, wind in your hair, cocktails on the beach and good food, then Mykonos is definitely on the agenda.

My personal experience on Mykonos was to spend time with good friends and to celebrate a birthday bash with my great girlfriend Milly. Which was everything we hoped it would be.

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

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