Mykonos – beautiful beaches that are very well run, they certainly do have the X-factor. Comfy sun beds, grass umbrellas, margaritas, and mojito’s, Greek Gods with sun kissed skin, warm crystal clear water, blazing hot sun and a restaurant on the beach to choose from. Frankly its just another boring day in paradise, heaven on earth what more do you want.

Psarou Beach – I love this beach, the elegant turquoise sunbeds are visually stunning with contrasting maroon umbrellas. The beach gets packed and yet the service remains tip top. The restaurant is fantastic and the buzz is all day long. When the sun starts to set about that time the beach heats up again with a different buzz, they turn up the beat! Or become a lounge lizard on one of those comfy beds and watch the sun go down.

Paranga Beach – is next on my hit list. A widespread open beach well managed and great looking. My advice get there early if you want a lounger on the first or second row, or along the edge of the sea. The restaurant Kalua is good, Mediterranean fresh clean food. Mussels, salads, grilled fish, and do try a side order of chips in truffle oil, Yummy! The music gets loud as the sunset creeps in.

Elia Beach – Is no easy reach, it is about 25 minutes from the centre, so get your directions straight. The beach has about four large sunbed areas to choose from, the chill factor is peaceful and the music is kept to the crazy side of the beach. Good swimming, water sports and comfy sunbeds. I found the restaurant to be a bit like a Club med food hall, so not my first choice.

Ftelia Beach is my first choice for a restaurant on the beach. It’s the best kept secret…….until now!  It’s where the Greeks and wind surfers hang out. Scrumptious home cooked food; soft colors complimenting the outdoor décor to the restaurant, natural beauty and tranquil bliss, it is definitely buzz-worthy!

If you want a crazy time mixed with a chilled factor, wind in your hair, cocktails and good food, then Mykonos is definitely one to have on the agenda. Personally, next time I think, I will go to an island where there are no cars, just donkeys.

QueenB!……..Abuzzing off

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